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Here are some great artists that I have organized into groups that I think define their strength. Note that some artists might be in several categories. Also, I've tried to include artists that are very good but not super known, some are more known than others.

ORIGINALITY: I am a lover of originality, or what I like to call ingenuity. These are the artists whose work make you think, or whose work makes you excited simply because you haven't quite seen anything like it before. Their work is also a very good source for inspiration and often makes you think in new ways.

BEAUTY: Other Artists might not be overly original, but are rather defined by the beauty inherit in their work. When looking at these artists' work you might very well get the feeling that the drawn object seems more alive than in most other works. You might also feel as if the art seems precious, almost like you have to be careful with them not to damage them in any way. These artists are listed under 'Beauty'.

STYLE: These artist are not directly original in what they draw, as much as in the way they draw it. These artist's work are also beautiful, but more in the sense of symmetry and lines, than in visual feeling and theme. These artists are those who will amaze you with the way they've 'solved' a drawing/work, and with their daring techniques in the terms of how they use lines and color.

COLOR: The artists listed under color are similar to those listed under beauty. However, in this case it is particularly their use of color and their color combinations which make their work outstanding. These are the artists who will amaze you with their mastery of color.

GREATNESS: These are the truly great artists. The works of these artists often portray an open and epic landscape and has an amazing feeling accompanying their work. These are the artists whose work inspires those great feelings, like freedom, determination to pursue dreams, hope, joy, victory, peace.

INTRIGUE: Under this category falls the amazing artists whose gallery has most of the qualities from the other categories. The works of these artists are a mixture of beauty, color, originality and style which together creates a visual piece that can be best be described as intriguing. The themes of the works are mysterious and otherworldly at the same time as they seem familiar, it is this combination which triggers a great curiosity in the viewer.  



Mature Content

Eros Thanatos - The Death of Eros by hypnothalamus
Hurricane by hypnothalamus Prodigy by hypnothalamus Drown in the Now by hypnothalamusPygmalion by hypnothalamus Lepidoptera by hypnothalamusThe Sound Generator . by hypnothalamustenderness by hypnothalamus.: the Space :. by hypnothalamusthe Time Eccentric by hypnothalamusSorrow by hypnothalamusthe Soundgenerator by hypnothalamus  :iconartfactotum: Autumn-Wind by artfactotumHarbour by artfactotum :iconbuguanle:shemmering by buguanleCOLD by buguanle :iconball-jointed-alice: fashion me now by ball-jointed-Aliceblack by ball-jointed-Alice :iconmonstror: :thumb111490754::thumb104507076: :iconken-wong: Communion by ken-wong Two Set Out in Dark Waters by ken-wong :iconlolitaagogo: camouflage by lolitaAgogoBlood Lines by lolitaAgogo :iconelleir: (images under 'Intrigue') :iconmoosekleenex: Toadstool Tunnels by moosekleenexShredded Fabric Wisps by moosekleenex  :iconyellowpin: ihniwti by yellowpinLOTS ABOUT FILMSTARS by yellowpin   

:iconfaelicia: 7.16.12 by FaeliciaSketch 10.29.11 by Faelicia :iconsylphielmetallium: :iconneobedouin: Kerosinka by NeobedouinHunter by Neobedouin :iconmokinzi: . Through the Woods . by MokinziA Sweet Night of February by Mokinzi :iconpettryb: time to wake up by pettryb birds of the sea - commission by pettryb :iconcathydelanssay: In the aquarium by cathydelanssayEnchantment of spring by cathydelanssay :iconbright-nature: Allure by bright-nature Full Bloom by bright-nature :iconrennerei: Yuki Onna by rennereiblack stars by rennerei

:iconfilthysancian: :thumb288077346:other lady by FilthySancian :icongabrio76: The widow by gabrio76cure of pain by gabrio76Run III by gabrio76 Ready by gabrio76Who are you? by gabrio76:iconjunosoldier: :thumb142314944:Study by JunoSoldier:thumb144854157: :iconneizen: warm ups 4 by Neizenchick with thingies by NeizenFashion Practice Bucuresti by Neizen (more under 'Greatness') :iconnanomortis: Remember... by NanoMortis :iconagnes-cecile: Birthday by agnes-cecilein these hands by agnes-cecile :iconbetteo: some.rain by betteo distance by betteocity.ityc.tyci.ycit.PRINT by betteofar.away.PRINT by betteo :iconiforgotmypassword: curly hair by iforgotmypasswordmishkie_two by iforgotmypassword :iconpim-s: pas de bras, pas de chocolat.. by Pim-s__haiku__ by Pim-s :iconblackgothique: HC : Caelestialis by blackgothiqueHC : Be Enchanted... by blackgothique :iconpopini: Corpse by popini  Suffocating by popini :iconvaara02: in the rain by vaara02 carrying you across burning city by vaara02 :iconcoldasd: :thumb299688607::thumb299689200: :thumb299687558: (sadly deactivated) :iconsithzam: A secret town by Sithzamagainst Rain by Sithzam :iconcarnegriff: work in progress - from the studio by Carnegriffparassita by Carnegriff  :iconegaah: Street by egaah Illustrations by egaah :iconjonny7404: :thumb311687910::thumb311688004: :iconmisselephante: :thumb179098773::thumb261651014::thumb104564290:

:iconhirousuda: Bourg by HiroUsudaBubble dragon by HiroUsudaMaiden of mirror of the truth by HiroUsudathe quiet world of Jyunna by HiroUsuda :iconzalas: Home alone by zalas shopping out by zalasEvening is coming by zalas :iconkidchan: serenade by kidchanhere by kidchandomovoi by kidchan :iconalicexz: Airplanes by alicexzFiery by alicexzVirtuoso by alicexz :iconmartanael: Temple and monoliths by MartaNaelBoat in a storm by MartaNaelMermaid and her alter ego fish by MartaNael :iconmatabi: When we was by matabiLeft vision by matabiTown where the sky is dark by matabi :iconfabio-barboni: Tori by Fabio-BarboniDearest Prince by Fabio-Barboni Love You+Hate You by Fabio-Barboni :iconmuttiy: Mushishi by muttiyThe sea of autumn by muttiyHeartcatch Precure:Sunshine by muttiy


:iconneizen: molotov guy by NeizenJumping Guy by NeizenWinston Smith before 101 vs1 by NeizenRESPONSE TO ISTANBUL BOMBINGS by Neizen :iconscarlet-dragonchild: The Unravelling by scarlet-dragonchild Four Stories by scarlet-dragonchildThe seeker by scarlet-dragonchildVisitations by scarlet-dragonchild :iconbeagifted: Angels by BeaGiftedSpeedPainting-Dream by BeaGiftedDr. Pepperland by BeaGifted60 Thoughts by BeaGifted :iconborruen: El Dorado by BorruenThe Gates Of Poseidon by Borruen The Jade Sea - Unwaking Waves by BorruenOur Last Refuge by Borruen :iconiumazark: COM - Phoenix by iumazarkFem - Redice by iumazarkFem - Fenris Valentina Eco by iumazarkFemdream by iumazark

:iconkmyechan: Twenty Minutes - Arting Spirit Contest by KmyeChanThe Sleeping Beauty by KmyeChanPhases oppositions by KmyeChan :iconalizarin: an invitation by alizarinwhere the wilderness begins by alizarin Domestic by alizarin :iconner-tamin: Time to wait by Ner-TaminThe last snowfall by Ner-TaminUmbrellas by Ner-TaminButterflies by Ner-TaminMoon lantern by Ner-Tamin Hear the sound by Ner-Tamin :iconpuimun: Inner Workings by puimunGreen Gate by puimunBlanket of Night by puimun :iconkellymckernan: Suspension by kellymckernan Redemption by kellymckernanRelinquish by kellymckernan :iconsmokepaint: ay by smokepaintlace Wonderland by smokepaintTasmanov.Matka. by smokepaint5 by smokepaint White paper ship by smokepaint :iconciaee: A Child's Dance Escapes Time by ciaee CF 2009 - Linedanser Coffy by ciaeeFreedom perched upon my finger by ciaeeFirst Venture by ciaee :iconmou-s: A Girl's Dreams by mou-sMetamorphosis by mou-sfly. by mou-sBrainjuice by mou-s :iconrogner5th: The heart knows better by rogner5thcold rain by rogner5th moment for lovers-Shinra-1 by rogner5th  :iconmasateru: BW P5 120402 by masateruDragon Woman110419 by masateruDragon Woman120327 by masateru :iconelleir:

Mature Content

wind by Elleir
Purity by ElleirAbysse by Elleir :iconitsallme19: jellyfish by itsallme19untitle by itsallme19boy by itsallme19 :iconairahnn: Birds Go South by airahnnbillow by airahnn:: The Graveyard Book :: by airahnn :iconmoldyb: Aftermath by moldybNew Blue Sky by moldybStill A Light by moldyb :iconabigaillarson: H.P. Lovecraft by AbigailLarson:thumb50275113:The Alchemist by AbigailLarson :iconsi2: Darkness washed over me by Si2Tree of Chaos by Si2 Escape by Si2Warm field by Si2The Drone People- 5 by Si2Introvert by Si2 :iconredgella: loshadka by RedGellaburning by RedGella play with me by RedGella :iconfushii: :thumb106698431::thumb142258213::thumb147199919: :iconnovac: Estanque by novac The human and the machine by novacPointed snout horses by novac :iconericinprogress: Where were you when you robbed me of my childhood? by ericinprogressDeeper and deeper down the rabbit hole by ericinprogressEcho of better days by ericinprogressWall of shame by ericinprogress


:icontinayan: :iconluminatii: :iconandrewmar: :iconandoledius: :iconkelseybeckett: :iconmenton3:


:iconsaleemakhtar: Jumper by saleemakhtar :iconejmillerart: subterairean by EJMillerArt :iconcreaturechannel: Silverfish by creaturechannel :iconingunnbf: suppressed by ingunnbf :iconsolorestalalocura: corazon anclado by solorestalalocura


:iconcaroline1scheibel: den lille havfrue by Caroline1scheibel :iconeplepus: sugar craving by eplepus :iconcarnelibun: Remember, Remember... by Carnelibun
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